You're here for a good time, not for a long time.

You're here for a good time, not a long time.

April 23, 2011

Vacation from Vacation

Day 3 in La Ventana and the group has finally crashed.  First we stayed up with Chaz all night enjoying his margaritas and Playstation.  Then we were out in the sun Friday and not hydrating all that often.  Now, tonight at 10:00pm, Charlie and I are the last travelers standing.  It’s been exactly what I’ve needed.

I mentioned Chaz before and I am happy to report that the adventure did not stop after that first night.  Chaz found Alex and me the next afternoon with nothing to do so we rode out to a five-star resort thirty miles out that he knew about.  We got there, had the chauffer take his 2011 Tundra away, and got in a golf cart to be taken down to the beach bar. 

I wasn’t too into it at first because I had just been dealt a crushing blow.  I went and talked to Lucy at the board shop and she informed me that the shop was done for the season and therefore I couldn’t rent anything.  In the end, it was probably better that way; the wind was weak at best by mid-afternoon and as a windsurfer you have a sick tendency to wait around for it out of blind hope.  At least now I was free of its trance.

Lucy was about to leave all weekend to where the wind was: the Pacific coast on some beach where there is no windsurfing.  And I can’t kite.  So no wind sports for me in Baja.  Have fun Lucy and the kiters!  Sometimes, you can’t win any of them.

Back to the resort: we started ordering lunch on the grass by the pool and admiring a $1 million train set put together by the owner.  We were on the bartender’s good side; apparently Chaz was going to sell him a nice quad for dirt cheap.  Chaz just wants to get rid of it and it would make any Baja bartender’s day land such a good deal.  Therefore, free margaritas started pouring just as soon as lunch finished. 

From there on, Alex and I hung out in multiple infinity pools, swam in the waves in Bajia de Suenos, and relaxed in the sun.  At one point Chaz organized a golf cart tour of the entire grounds.  This place had a golf course, equestrian center, chapel, and tennis courts among everything else.  The treatment was so incredible we managed to lie around until 10:00pm and get dinner before heading home.

I met an awesome family there.  Bruce, from South Africa, was about 45 and is currently a F1 Kites dealer.  He also had a motorcycle background and was very interested in our trip.  Both Bruce and Chaz repeatedly told us to keep the speed low on these roads.  They are driving the point home.  I didn’t catch Bruce’s wife’s name but she was French and awesome to talk to on the beach.  They live in San Francisco but winter a few months a year down here in their vacation house.  They were smart people and I hope we run into them again.

Chaz dropped us off last night and we were ready for a break.  He is an amazing host, and very intense in his kindness and honesty.  After two nights of it, we were ready for what transpired all today: nothing.  We did a beach walk today and that was it.  I also ate a cheeseburger with fries and three tacos in one sitting.  For $7! 

This trip is definitely expanding my views of what your future can entail having seen and heard so many different journeys from all these different people.  Basically, the idea of borders between countries has become dramatically less relevant in my mind.  If GU International Business was right that Globalization is the future of business, then I may be able to score big while I’m out here.  Or at least get my foot in the door where I want to be. 

Back to wind: it is slowly coming to my attention that kiteboarding seems to be everywhere and windsurfing can only take root in the most perfect of environments.  Although I want to continue my windsurfing more than this trip itself right now, I foresee kiting in the future as I ride through Central America.  We’ll see, I hope this isn’t the last time I’m in La Ventana.

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