You're here for a good time, not for a long time.

You're here for a good time, not a long time.

April 30, 2011


I should have done this a bit earlier, but here are a few of the best pictures from my camera so far.  Some of these stories might make a little more sense now.

Here is my steed fully loaded.  It looks the exact same now except my hand guards have turned yellow.  No spills yet, just a couple of drops.

I've got everything I need for a night in the yellow dry bag and black Pelican case.  The other two carry all the junk.

 Enjoying a little 'me' time at La Bufadora.  Just above the beer bottle is where the water shoots up when the waves crash.

 Somewhere in the cactus forest in Northern Baja.
 Did I mention they are big?
 This will be my backup plan when I run out of money.  We later saw them driving through La Paz with an unstrapped pallet of concrete.  Awesome.
 Hey Al!  Have fun at the hospital!
 Here is Alex's motorcycle after we transported it 150 miles north.Tato got it running for $1,000.  Unreal.
 Someone forgot to do their pre-trip inspection!
 GU love in Baja.  I'll take it.
 My morning kayak down the river in San Ignacio.
 Looking down on the San Ignacio oasis from the overlooking mountain top.  Notice the volcanoes in the background.
 Nothing too special about this shot... except for the incredible wind.  I'm surprised the palms didn't blow over.  This was all of Baja.
 Charlie and Sarah enjoying the festivities in Mulege.  This is the nigh we stayed up almost until dawn with Tim.
 The view from my tent after camping on the beach in Mulege.
 Showcasing the Devil's Tail.
 The final catch!  A job well done.
 More to come later.  My battery is dying.  Adios!

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