You're here for a good time, not for a long time.

You're here for a good time, not a long time.

July 30, 2011

Fotos VI

Live from South America, here is a photo update.

This is the mud road that led us back into Costa Rica just moments after we got stamped into Panama.  Not a fun day of riding.

Andy enjoying Day 2 of his motorcycle adventure.  He faired well, although wet like the rest of us.

Hanging out with the whole gang at Jack from Ferndale's place in Panama.  Epic garage.

Like the Millennium Falcon, it's still holding together.

Bocas del Toro at dusk.

Andy, Patrick, and Charlie enjoying the balcony at Bocas.

Flavor country.

Riding two-up with my bike in a pickup.  

Just another semi that ran off the road.

Everybody's final night in Panama City.  Lots of mojitos.

Patrick and me savoring the victory of the Panama Canal.

Ty and me in front of the Stahlratte moments after I dropped the bike on a hill and then huffed gas.  I needed a beer.

Winching the bikes aboard. 

Alex finally ran into some people his own age.

Our first night in the San Blas Islands.

The submerged shipwreck I got to explore.

Andy serenading the group with his travel guitar.

A classic San Blas island.  Life was good on the Stahlratte.

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